Sunday, 27 February 2011

Stompin' To Tha 90's...

20 years ago, Hip Hop sounded like this...

Download Link Part 1 (Mediafire)

Download Link Part 2 (Mediafire)

Golden Era. True Skool. Call what it you will, far as I'm concerned, this is the best isht, still. This is the era that I went from being a fan of Hip Hop music, to loving it, above everything else.

This is the music my generation will still be rocking to when we end up in those Hip Hop Retirement Homes that were in the CB4 movie.

This is the era that loads of people in my school were scribbling 'Guns & Roses' on their pencil cases.
I was far more excited at religiously recording the Capital Rap Show, the prospect of Kiss FM becoming legal, travelling to Groove Records in Soho, rinsing my pocket money on import 12"s, practising scratching on my wack-ass belt-drive no-pitch record player and making pause button mixtapes.

There's been a nice resurge of nods to these sounds in London of late - shouts to my Main Squeeze fam standard, crews such as Funhouse, Classic Material etc, and wicked events such as Mixcloud's 'History Of Hip Hop' night at the Big Chill House.
I also had the honor of warming up for heroes such as KRS-One & EPMD recently.

So, with this in mind, I figured it was time to carry on my own series, following on from my "Who's Flat Top Ruled In '89?" mix from 2009.

This one has been in my in-tray for a while. Technically, this one should've gone up last year, but it didn't happen. The 1991 mix will drop soon though..

Stay tuned...

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