Saturday, 9 July 2011


The story thus far: from the moment that the young Paul White's craft crash-landed in the jungle, he wanted nothing more than to make a banging Hip Hop album.

From the moment his first beat tape dropped down the chimney of
One Handed Music
's corporate HQ, they wanted nothing more than to help him do just that.

'Rapping With Paul White' has been a long time in the making and features some of his favourite MCs over brilliant production.

We're proud to offer you the first single, 'Trust' ft. Guilty Simpson, for nowt.

There's also a free download of bonus track 'The Doldrums', which we believe is the finest example of medieval vocoder beats on the market.

'Rapping With Paul White' is another left turn after last year’s intriguing excursion into prog and psych-rock, 'Paul White & The Purple Brain', and deserves to establish its mastermind as one of the most versatile and individual producers working today (yes, that bit is taken from the press release).

It features Danny Brown, Guilty Simpson, Tranqill, Jehst, Homeboy Sandman, Marv Won, Moe Pope and folk-singer Nancy Elizabeth, along with a fistful of brilliant instrumentals.

Get all the details and full tracklisting on the One Handed Music website.

The album drops on August 21st and you can pre-order it HERE.

Download 'Trust' ft. Guilty Simpson for free by clicking HERE.

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