Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Do What You Can Kid...

I don't even know what to say 'bout this...

Nice & Smooth played at Jazz Cafe this weekend just gone, their first London gig since 1991.

Excelling expectations is an understatement. Two of the most charismatic, energetic dudes I've ever seen at a Hip Hop gig. It's no wonder they've been revered with such fondness throughout the Hip Hop community, for all these years.

The energy, the humour, the showmanship, the mother-fucking dancing, and the vibes from Greg Nice were second to none, rocking half the set amongst the crowd, beatbox breaks, crowd chants, the whole nine.

And the emotion and heart from Smooth B (shown in this video below) is something you rarely see from anyone, especially not on a stage, at a Hip Hop concert.

One of the illest gigs I've been to for a long long time. Hilarious, emotional and funky as fuck. Nice & Smooth forever. Word is bond.

Shout to Chocolate Bear TV for the clip.
Shout to the Scratch crew, Mr Thing, DJ LoK, Mystro and all the other heads that were in attendance last Sunday.

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