Tuesday, 13 March 2012


Some serious heat droppin' right here..
Out March 27th, Stones Throw are dropping this ILL, ILL, ILL supergroup concept project thang.

To bring y'all up to speed, Quakers are a 35-member hip-hop collective centered around three producers - Fuzzface (Geoff Barrow of Portishead), Katalyst (Ashley Anderson), and 7-Stu-7 (Stuart Matthews, also from Portishead).

The guest MC's on this album are just straight up off the mother-effing scale.. Prince Po (Organized Konfusion), Booty Brown (The Pharcyde), Dead Prez, Phat Kat, MED, Guilty Simpson, Aloe Blacc, Bristol's own Deed... The list literally goes on and on and on...

A little while back, Katalsyt dropped this podcast - "The Hip Hop Quake Mix" - through Stones Throw to get the hype ball rolling, and this is in itself is ILL, ILL, ILL. A 40 minute mix showcasing their influences and some exclusive production, featuring OC, Joe Meek, Silver Apples, Death Grips, Gangstarr, Public Enemy and many more.

You can cop that shit HERE.

Their album drops on Stones Throw on March 27, instrumentals version in tow.
Pick it up from Rough Trade & you also get an EXCLUSIVE Bonus CD of the afore-mentioned Quakers podcast mix. You can pre-order it HERE.

DOWNLOAD: Quakers ft Guilty Simpson & MED - Fitta Happier

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